On March 11, 2020, the World Health Organisation announced a pandemic state due to COVID-19's outbreak. An unprecedented pandemic that besieged humanity with total virulence and aggressiveness. As a result, it was estimated that globally, around 14.9 million people lost their lives. Millions of people, many of them in lockdown, were unable to say goodbye to their families and friends, and give a proper, worthy end to their loved ones.

ETERNAL LIFE is a memorial that is meant to pay tribute to all those victims of the pandemic whose loved ones were not able to bid them farewell. ETERNAL LIFE also aims to be a tribute to all those who live and die in anonymity. We want to pay respect and keep alive the memory of those good people who have gone before us, who with their efforts and daily work have fought to build a better world. Each and every human being deserves to be remembered, and to leave testimony of their experiences and their legacy during their lifetime, because we are all called to transcendence. No one can fall into anonymity and oblivion, because each being is unique and unrepeatable in God's eyes, and each person is called to transcend within life and after death.


ETERNAL LIFE MEMORIAL is a social initiative, born and developed in the heart of civil society. It is also a legal entity based on a socio-cultural and technological basis, founded in Majorca, Spain, in 2022, and which is inspired and based on the Christian humanist ideology and Church's social doctrine. From SPIRIT AND A CLEAR ECUMENICAL VOCATION, and the belief in the afterlife as the ultimate meaning of life, this entity seeks to spread and promote both faith and the values that inspire Christian faith doctrine. The resources obtained through our services are earmarked for technological improvements to extend our range around the world, as well as for social, cultural and environmental purposes, especially towards the most underprivileged.


ETERNAL LIFE MEMORIAL is a GLOBAL TRADEMARK registered, protected and established in the main areas of the Western world, specifically throughout Europe and the European Union, as well as in North America and Latin America. ETERNAL LIFE is not a destination, but a starting point; it is a growing and evolving reality, created to become a benchmark in those countries where it is established or plans to be established, contributing to dignify the memory of those who have come before us.


Greco-Roman culture and Judeo-Christian faith are the foundations that have built Western culture for centuries, a synonym for progress, freedom and well-being. Only through Christian faith will the West rediscover its identity and its roots, as well as the tools to rebuild itself, to rediscover the meaning of genuine lost freedom, and to fight those wars that besiege us against our value system. Without religion, there’s no faith; without faith, there is no afterlife; nor freedom; without an afterlife, life has no meaning.

ETERNAL LIFE MEMORIAL is a door open to everyone, believers and non-believers, and a tribute to a Humanity, now troubled and besieged by wars, epidemics and climate change, but seeking to reinvent itself, to rediscover its path through History, as it has shown for thousands of years.