Eternal Life

ETERNAL LIFE is LIFE after living and being loved by a person that has died. We cannot understand the meaning of our existence without asking the legitimate and necessary question with an open response that invites us to think about it and respond. The Essential is invisible by sight.

What is essential is invisible to the eye

It is absurd to think and believe we come from nothing, that we live for nothing, and we are going towards nothing. Our being, our instinct, our understanding, and our reason rebels against such an idea. To understand human life for Christians, as well as, non-Christians, is to believe that we come from and are going to God and that we are called to participate in the Eternal Life of God, to unite us to God to form part of His Being. And what is God? God is Invisible Essence, Supreme Intelligence and Absolut Love. God has always been and will continue to be, the Tremendous and Fascinating Mystery of life.

What Is a Memorial?

A MEMORIAL is a tribute to the memory of someone that has died. The purpose is to render honor and to maintain the memory for the loved one not to be forgotten in this and future generations. The intention is to render honor and keep memories of the loved one alive. 

Why a Memorial?

This Memorial is a tribute to all those good men and women, some renowned, others who have lived and died unknown, even though their lives were a story of faith, of work and dedication and love towards others, in other words, sanctified and holy men and women. They are stories of Love of God, stories of Love for work, for family, for friends, stories of battle and overcoming, stories of death experiences and Resurrection. They are Love stories, stories of a life in communion with God, and therefore of holiness. Silence, death, eternal solitude, or anonymity cannot be the last word of life. This Memorial is a tribute to all these men and women whose lives have been a testimonio of faith in Jesús Christ, who died and was Resurrected. This fact makes them participants of ETERNAL LIFE. VIDA ETERNA.

Create your own memorial

I Want to Know!

Know the elements that help explain the concept of ETERNAL LIFE. Remember that to have faith is not a blind decision. To believe before knowing.

I Want to Know!

Learn to transcend. Faith is transcendence. Know the ways that God reveals and where we can find Him. We live to transcend.

I Want to Pay Tribute

Learn to transcend. Faith is transcendence. Learn the paths in which God manifests himself and where we can find him. We live to transcend.

I Want to Feel Their Closeness!

Ask for intercession, ask forgiveness, give thanks, forgive the being that has died. Give offerings. It will comfort you. All of this will make you feel good about yourself, and you will feel their closeness.

I Want to Create My Memorial Now

Pay tribute, share the life story of a loved one that has died, share your memories, life experiences and the most important moments. Dedicate a few words full of memories and condolences to their family. Make their memory come alive! Also, you can give offerings or share photos and videos. Do not let them be forgotten.