Eternal Life


 In modern society, basically, only two ways to live and understand life exist. Only two principles or realities exist. Maybe two paradigms. Those that live LIFE and their existence ignoring God or apart from God and those who live life participating in ETERNAL LIFE in God. The first group go through life without knowing or experiencing transcendence, the second group, on the other hand, live a life open to God and transcendence. For those that live a life apart from God, death represents the end, passing towards nothingness. For the rest on the other hand, death is the door to fullness of Eternal Life in God. It is about two existential parallels that only converge for the believer, because one can only live a full life, when one can participate in ETERNAL LIFE, and this is only possible when life is founded in God the Father.

Eternal Life is not a reality that begins after death. It is not an additional, it is not an afterthought, nor is it about a future. On the contrary, Eternal Life is HERE AND NOW for the believer; it is a reality here and now that the believer can live and experience his personal history, thanks to faith in the Resurrection of Jesus and the sacrament of the Eucharist.

The experiences of God and the Resurrection that the believer experiences on his path through life, and how the different dimensions of transcendence through his history, such as: family, friends, the fruit of work, beliefs and values, goals and difficulties, or personal and collective successes,all of them, are elements that make up moments and dimensions of Eternal Life in the History of Man.

For unbelievers, there is only one life. Life begins and ends in oneself. For Christians, on the other hand, because of Baptism we are members of a community of faith, the Church and we are called to participate in Eternal Life, Life in God. Life in God consists of experiencing His Love, thanks to faith in the Resurrection and thanks to the Eucharist. Participate in Eternal Life is to form part in the Absolute Love of God, that continues feeding and giving meaning to the lives of men and women, from generation to generation.

Eternal Life is life in communion with God. Death, the door to fulfillment of Life in God and with those loved ones that have died and that already live in God, given that they already form part of a divine reality. It is about the process of divinization of a human being.

There is no doubt that something inside of us resists the acceptance of the absurd that we exist for no reason and for nothing. It is a profound conviction that forms part of human beings since they existed as such. Most of Humanity keeps itself within the great religious currents that accept the existence of another life. Since millennia man from all cultures have confided that their dead will live on in some form. All religions have taught that God created us, that we should love one another, and that after death we shall enjoy a greater closeness to God in another life. The novelty of Christianity is the Baptism and Resurrection of Christ is Eternal Life, that the beyond can be lived and experienced here and now, through the sacrament of the Eucharist and of the experiences of Resurrection that the human being experiences in their personal life, of which is converted into a story of Salvation and Sanctification.

The question of the beyond, therefore, helps us to understand and to live in fullness of feeling the here and now. We cannot eliminate the question about the beyond. It is about a necessary and legitimate question that present society omits, but that forms part of the History of Humanity. In the Digital Era, it continues to be an essential question. To understand the here and now, we should try and respond to the question of the beyond. This is the meaning of this project.